Ear Candy

Bad Love/Mary Jane-Caitlyn Scarlett

Perfect For: slow-motion walks through public places, making subtle eye contact with attractive passersby and looking away quickly because you're misunderstood.

Pairs Well With: Colors-Halsey, Mama do-Lorde, Harlem-Cathedrals

Short: Incoming indie electronic femme fatale Caitlyn Scarlett brings forth two poignantly clever, smooth, and at times epic tracks on her latest E.P., Jurassic Jukebox and Other Drugs. 

Long: Straight out of the U.K. and at the ripe age of 19, Caitlyn Scarlett is one of the youngest of her class of female vocalists teamed up with newly burgeoning producers like Marion Hill, Cathedrals, and Banks. Nowhere is this youthful edge more pronounced than on her latest release, the aforementioned Jurassic Jukebox and Other Drugs. Jurassic puts together a host of songs all tethered around Scarlett and the people interacting with her told in a way only a product of the me generation could understand. 
    Bad Love elegantly depicts the perils of a young women's abusive relationship. Scarlett's wit and sharp lyrical work come out in full force here. "I watch her as she tries to calculate/as she tries to imitate/the things she is about" is probably the most poignant shade ever thrown. To push the song even farther, the instrumentation surrounds entirely on an exceptional upright bass line that never leaves my thoughts. 
    Mary Jane tells the story of a different relationship-this time between Scarlett and her marijuana use. "Mary Jane, will you ever leave my brain...my momma don't like you...but I do" she croons. Clever lyrics accentuate her tug of war with the drug, and heavy crushing guitars accentuate the serious tension headache she must have. Rap and Reggae acts seem to have this idea that weed jams have to be slow and laid back, but Scarlett's pounds, shrieks, and rocks. Check out her E.P. here and try not to get addicted.