I was asked by a speaker to do a creative exercise and write as many questions as I could. They could be funny, scientific, political, or anything in between as long as I engaged my creative curiosity. 

I got carried away. 



1) How much does it cost to be Batman?

2) Where is the epicenter for the most earthquakes? How do earthquakes affect world economies?

3) If California has the big earthquake, how will politics change?

4) Will politicians rush to praise Californians in solidarity? 

5) Will California instead be seen as using too many resources and not worth the investment? (This is a reference to the State of Jefferson movement and tensions after Calexit).

6) How did the Trump administration internally handle the marches on the day after he was elected?

7) What was the point where Sean Spicer and Kelly Anne Conway actively decided to follow anything Donald trump said, even when it was against his best interest? 


9) What are the advertising budgets for companies like State Farm and Geico, whose commercials are all over and are INSIDE videogames?

10) What makes sports video games so appealing? YOU’RE NOT EVEN REALLY PLAYING. YOU ARE PRETENDING TO PLAY A GAME.

11) How can anyone possibly be upset enough to cry over a sports video game like NBA 2K16? 

12) What is the meaning of life?

13) Why do we think we need to have meaning in life? Isn’t adding human experience to an inhuman truth putting perfume on the lily?

14) Why are some religions considered more valid than others? 

15) Why are other people worried about same sex marriage when Jewish marriages and Christian marriages are even different?

16) Why does the Internet enjoy inside jokes so much? 

17) What was the year "music died?”

18) What was the year sports like Nascar became so privatized where the cars are COVERED in labels and sponsors.

19) Is the future of all sports to have jerseys with sponsors all over them, like walking billboards?

20) Are we to have football games featuring Michael Vick brought to us by Petco now? 

21) Why is it so hard to stick with a Spider-Man? 

22) How has Hugh Jackman maintained a career as Wolverine after Les Mis?

23) With artists like Future putting out mixtapes and albums out within a month of each other, and artists like Kendrick Lamar putting out 15 song Eps, is the ease of downloading music off the internet contributing to the quantity over quality direction of popular music like hip hop?

24) Even if JFK’s assassination was a conspiracy, what would that even look like if it was revealed in the world of Donald Trump?

25) If there ARE intelligent life forms, how will contact with those be handled under the Trump Administration?

26) Why does EVERY popular song need an EDM remix-Leave Adele’s “Hello” alone, she doesn’t need a bass drop. Does the anonynimity of the internet contribute to artists not caring?

27) How do drug addictions affect you based on your time in life? Are drug addictions at 40 different than at 20 or 17? (Assuming all of these individuals have been doing drugs for the same amount of time).

28) Will artists like Frank Ocean who deliberately spend time out of the limelight last longer than artists like Adam Levine, who doesn’t seem to sleep?

29) Video games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero introduced a generation of young kids to 30+ year-old rock and metal music. Will there be a similar type of re-discovery through technology of hip-hop in the coming years?

30) How will Christmas look in 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100+ years?

31) My grandfather was born in 1924 and died at 93. I believe my life may be almost 50 years longer than his. How is the economy going to handle my generations surviving for so long and expecting to retire early at 65?

32) What is my generation going to look like in 20 years, when we are explaining ourselves to our kids?

33) Why am I expected be in Love if I am in a relationship? Why am I expected to fall in love faster if my partner is already in love?

34) Many people get married early because they believe society expects them to, however, we really don’t care. Is marriage about love or about ourselves?

35) Do people who aren’t being ironic really enjoy Smirnoff ices?

36) Has Donald Trump EVER seen Last Week Tonight with John Oliver?

37) Why do people in comic books who live in worlds with Super heroes still believe in religion? So many fights take place in church towers, how are people not just worshipping the new Spider-Messaiahs?

38) Do conservatives understand the implications of defunding places like Planned Parenthood and not care or do they really just not see through their platform?

39) How did Subway become so ubiquitous?

40) Why is there so little research on drug use when it is such a huge problem in Middle America (and Florida, California, New York…)?

41) Who made the decision to merge the charger and headphone jack on the iPhone 7?

42) Why are there no parenting books on saving for college and whether to invest in stocks or bonds etc?

43) Why are stocks not given as gifts more often?

44) What about Amazon has made it a company that has lasted longer and flourished more than any other online retailer like it?

45) Am I wrong, and is Ali Baba more profitable than Amazon?

46) And am I wrong to measure Ali Baba’s superiority through profits, when I should be looking at dividends given to preferred and common stockholders? (according to my professors)

47) Was Mikes Hard Lemonade originally going to be for men? Women? Children?

48) How can the makers of the Shrek franchise tell us to our faces there will be a fifth movie when the fourth was entitled “The Final Chapter.”

49) How long is the “beloved” Shrek franchise expected to last?





50) Why doesn’t anyone ever ask how's Waldo? (Its probably why he is hiding all the time).

51) Do coffee shops bring more coffee drinkers or do more coffee drinkers bring more coffee shops?

52) Why do people still believe time machines can exist? Once one time machine is built, every time can have time machines, and time breaks right?

53) If “Limitless” pills really existed, what type of side affects would come with that?

54) When was the first time Mark Zuckerburg knew he could be a millionaire?

55) How did Manoj Bhargava get inspired to donate 4 billion dollars to better the environment and the general human condition?

56) What were Charlie Brown’s parents saying?

57) If purple is red and blue, and green is yellow and blue, what is brown a mixture of?

58) When was the first time young John Lennon and Paul McCartney knew they were onto something bigger than a few hit singles?

59) Why did it take the Zombies until 1968 to record a fully original album, when they were writing songs for a decade before and just throwing covers on their albums?

60) Who is Mrs. Robinson?

61) Why is the Will Smith film “Focus” intent on being the opposite?

62) Does a spike in attendance to McDonald’s correlate with a spike in other activities like movie going, Tv watching, etc.

63) What would it take for Kelly Anne Conway to get fired?

64) What would it take for Donald Trump supporters to leave him?

65) What inspired the Bojack Horsemen artists to go with the animal-head style?

66) What would it take to get Sean Spicer fired?

67) What is Betsy Devoss’ legitimate plan for helping funding in public schools?

68) Will House and Senate Democrats continue to be bowled over when it comes to every cabinet assignment?

69) Why are people not losing trust in Donald Trump  when his cabinet members have to resign? 

70) There are 40,000 religions in the world, was there a “Golden Age of Religions” when tons were being made up at once?

71) How many new religions are created per year?

72) How will religion change in 50+ , 75+, 100+ years?

73) Does the American political system have anything to do with the possibility of more or less religious activities as the years progress?

74) What happens after you die?

75) What happens after I die?

76) Are they the same thing?

77) What is the “business of death” like in this country?

78) Who let the dogs out?

79) When did the Grinch steal Christmas?

80) What was the first New Year’s Resolution ever made? Was it kept?

81) Why can’t Idris Elba play James Bond? Does race have a hand in espionage?

82) Which individual human has had the most impact on society?

83) Who currently has the largest Carbon Footprint?

84) How large of a carbon footprint does a household pet have?

85) What makes a who?

86) How many Star Wars films is too many?

87) Why have we seen so many reboots, sequels, and remakes recently, is Hollywood out of ideas?

88) Is there a reason why 9x out of 10 sequels tend to be worse than the originals?

89) What will live theater look like in 20+ years?

90) Will we ever get flying cars?

91) What will it take to build a flying car?

92) Do we really need flying cars-are they more trouble/a bigger footprint then they’re worth?

93) Do the Grammys have any actual impact on record sales or the music industry as a whole?

94) Which industry has an awards system in place that best works to motivate the industry itself to better itself through better work? (ie: Oscars, Tonys, etc).

95) What is the award that has the most impact when awarded to someone?

96) What percentage of dual-income families are white?

97) What is the most popular big-budget studio failure?

98) How were marshmallows originally introduced? By accident?

99) What makes a good song?

100) How do you quantify two unrelated talents?

101) How will this period in American History look in hindsight? What will we think of ourselves in 30 years?




102) Are we currently in the Golden Age of the Internet, or the Dark Age of Information?

103) Will we ever have Co-Ed Professional sports? What will it take?

104) How many cigarettes does it take to develop cancer for an average adult?

105) How many bites does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

106) Does it take the same average amount of licks to get to the center of every Tootsie Pop?

107) Is Jack Sparrow’s character from Pirates of the Caribbean really supposed to be from the Carribean?

108) Why are we normalizing murderous thieves in Pirate films?

109) What makes glue sticky?

110) Was Quaker Oats originally owned by actual Quakers?

111) What is the act/importance of naming your child like in other countries? Are names do or die, or do they not matter?

112) Does your given name have an affect on the life you lead?

113) How much does your environment affect your behavior, when you are traveling, and constantly changing environments?

114) What are fluctuations in gravity caused by?

115) Can there be an end to time?

116) What created time?

117) What was the universe like before the Big Bang?

118) How complex are the emotions of animals?

119) Can animals recognize representations of themselves? Can they be trained to?

120) How do we find the edge of human intelligence?

121) Why do so many famous people kill themselves?

122) Why did OJ Simpson go out and get caught stealing right after he got off?

123) Who does Justin Bieber think need to love themselves?

124) What came first, Waffles or Pancakes?

125) Who was the Last of the Mohicans?

126) If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, who chopped it down?

127) Who came up with the formula for the first knock knock joke? Did they ever get in?

128) What is the farthest height a person can fall from and remain unscathed?

129) Where did the idea to form meat patties come from? How old is it?

130) Where did sausage casings and the idea for those originate? And when will it go away?

131) Where is Drake Bell?

132) What was the most viewed story on the Local News, where, and why?

133) How many large print newspaper companies are left in business?

134) What is the average time people take in between haircuts?

135) What will college educations look like in 10+ years?

136) How popular will homeschooling be as the internet continues to spread and representatives like Betsy Devoss continue to hold office?

137) Is there a way to save the bees? Is it too late?

138) What did Dr. Seuss get his PHD in?

139) How could a river monster possibly fit in as small of a Loch as Loch Ness?

140) What is the most common bedtime in America?

141) What is the most common lunch in America, and why?

142) What is the most common job in America?

143) What would happen if we were to destroy the moon?

144) If an elevator breaks, and I am plummeting towards earth in it, how crushed will I be if I jump right before I hit the ground?

145) What is the safest way to exit a broken elevator?

146) What is the most common fear in the world? What is it caused by?

147) How far away from colonizing other planets are we?

148) If we decide to colonize other planets, how will we decide which planet to colonize?

149) How much is Drake making, to the point where its “six figures when they tax” him?




150) What was the act that pushed hip hop from an alternative genre to one of the most popular of all time?

151) Does Bacardi really make the party?

152) Is it possible to read every book ever written? How long would it take?

153) Are brick and mortar publishing houses still profitable in the 21st century? How do they stay profitable?

154) How do Trump’s tirade against news outlets like CNN and the NYT make the media look less reliable?

155) Do they make him look more reliable?

156) Is it possible to make a reasonable living without a record deal as a recording artist in the music industry?

157) Why won't this horse drink? I spent an hour leading it to water DRINK DAMNIT!

158) How many hate crimes have to be committed before a town is considered racist?

159) What is the largest company in the world that produces clothing, and how many items of clothing does it waste per day?

160) How can we properly dispose of the 1/3 of food we waste a meal?

161) What is the best way to give your time/money/help to a charity or cause?

162) How long does it take to get a homeless person a job and back paying rent in New York City?

163) What is homelessness like in the online age, where people can connect with each other anywhere using cellphones? Have cellphones made it easier to be homeless?

164) What percentage of homeless people have pets? Children? Cellphones?

165) What is the average life span of an Apple product?

166) What is the average lifespan of a Microsoft product?

167) What does it mean to “chuck wood,” and why are woodchucks so caught up in such a menial task?

168) Why does the word “moist” make my girlfriend think its ok to punch me?

169) Why do different types of alcohol affect us in different ways? If rum can have 40% alcohol and give me a headache, and vodka can have 40% alcohol and give me a stomachache, why does tequila at 40% give me a pink slip?

170) It's question 170. Do you know where your kids are?

171) How much has church going decreased since the age of cellphones?

172) Are cellphones putting people more or less in touch with their faith?

173) How are teachers being affected by the appointment of Betsy Devoss?

174) How do parents talk to their young children about this political climate?

175) Why is climate change a bipartisan issue only in America?

176) How were doctors affected by the ACA, and what is their consensus about what to do about Healthcare?

177) How do lobbyists have their voices heard above their competitors and issues they find irrelevant?

178) How do newly elected politicians decide what to do first?

179) We know that our brains release dopamine when we get “likes” on social media platforms, but how does this affect the brains development in young adults children and teens who are these platforms most prominent users?

180) Is there an over diagnosis of ADD and ADHD or do 13% of boys and 5% of girls really have it? (resulting in 4.8 million people having filled an ADHD prescription).

181) How many books has Stephen King written?

182) What is the average amount of time it takes for a person to write and publish a book?

183) What is the average amount of money a writer gains from the average sale of a book?

184) What is the average career of a filmmaker like. Are there middle class directors?

185) How do we strengthen a weakening middle class?

186) Is America making the same mistakes as the Roman Empire?

187) If I continue on my current life’s trajectory and never see Forrest Gump, how much less of a life will I have lived?

188) Why do people in my life try and convince me that my time on earth will be significantly improved by a movie where Tom Hanks fakes an accent that’s banned on most playgrounds?

189) If Astrology is by definition “human search for meaning in the sky,” why do people think they can judge others based on their own interpretation of jumble of characteristics laced together as a “sign?”

190) How long will it take for Polio and the Flu to wipe out all the anti-vaccinators?

191) How do the same people manage to make my most treasured and least favorite albums/art/movies/television shows at the same time? Does pure skill and poetry walk in hand with unadulterated bullshit?

192) What is the most durable watch we can make, and why did we make it that way? (ie; is it for diving, combat, etc).

193) Can a dog be untrained? Do dogs “unlearn” as they get older? Do they even have a concept of time? Do they understand memories?

194) What is the most heard song of all time?


196) How easy is it to gain a license and become a practicing pilot? How much should I really trust these people?

197) Is piloting a plane easier than driving a car at times? Is there a different legal alcohol limit for operating a plane?

198) What is the most common drug used in the world? What is the most common drug addiction in the world?

199) What is the most commonly drank alcohol in the world, and what is the most sought after alcohol in the world? (Is it an ancient wine? A priceless scotch?)

200) Why does everyone need a vice?

201) Who framed Roger Rabbit?

202) Is it niche like quiche or niche like kitsch? Or niche like Nietzsche?

203) Why do we call actors "brave" but never use the same adjective for plumbers?

204) Why was I bullied as a kid for not believing in Santa Claus if Santa Claus is supposed to take gifts away from kids who are bullies?